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Disrupting Real Estate and Decentralization


Influencers and experts from multiple industries are coming together to have a great time, becoming an active part in bringing the solution revolution to America! 

Here at PFANA, we see Real Estate as an urgent priority! No other industry has consistently generated more wealth, while providing creative pathways for more family’s to experience the American dream of home-ownership. With all the pressing issues inflicting the market, will our real estate market continue to be the rock-bed of American prosperity and stability, or will it become a lodestone preventing growth for all? 

Well, we’re not waiting around to find out! We’re moving fast, working with amazing sponsors and partners to finalize when, where, and exactly how many we can host. Sign up now, to be notified of updates and get your name on the waiting list – at no charge. 

Regardless of when it will be, amazing guest experts reveal next-generation strategies, using both modern technology and old-school (time-tested) methods, to…

  • speed-up and simplify real estate transactions
  • flip even the most troubled assets
  • get free real estate – yes FREE actual real estate properties
  • make more of a positive impact in your community
  • better navigate rapidly changing market issues – regardless of budget
  • better inoculate their wealth from rapidly changing financial markets

Can you imagine that the Crypto Currency World is only a little over 10 years old... And, even with upheavals, is actually challenging the U.S. Dollar?!

Regardless of the value of any specific Crypto Coin... How can you leverage this blockchain technology?

What other technologies and techniques are on the horizon that you can still 'get in early' on, to scale your income and impact this year, instead of scrambling to keep up and shore up,
no matter what?

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Disrupting Real Estate & Decentralization