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As a visionary, entrepreneur, entertainer and businessman, Richie Onori has been a key leader in the music industry, interacting in all aspects of the music business. Onori has been able to stretch his outreach in order to play a significant role of using Music as the primary messaging factor for “People For A New America” which unveils a multi-prong approach in creating America 2.0.

Richie Onori

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Live Classroom Experience: Learn From Our Faculty Of Experts At PFANA University

Be prepared to learn by real time practical applications that get immediate results in the sector you wish to engage in via our committees. Setting up satellite offices across the country or working from the inside out in your community will be your choice. PFANA is the hub and you will be part of a new revolutionary model where you can expand as you learn in the fields of your choice below:

  • Music, Arts and New Media: Develops innovative platforms that bring forth positive messaging through all forms of media.
  • Legislative and Advocacy: Undertakes activities that empower “We the People” in developing communities at the local level.
  • Wellness: Monitors and advocates on healthcare, enhances integrative medicine & long term care issues.
  • New Technology: Constant innovation, where ideas flow out and where entrepreneurs drive and move us ahead.
  • Agriculture: Develops key pillars for industrial growth by building circular economies.
  • New Economy: Architects high growth industries on the cutting edge of technology as driving forces of economic growth.
  • Youth Education: Dedicates programs that cultivate and enrich the minds of our youth to arm them with knowledge and understanding of the world.

Bonus Training: Develop A Winning Mindset

Do you ever feel like you analyze things to a point where you aren't making enough progress? We’re going to teach you a "Ready, Fire, Aim" approach to take charge and expand your leadership capabilities so you get off the sideline and in the game. Nothing ever happens without action first. After this training you'll be ready to take ground breaking leaps forward toward giving back while at the same time improving your life skills in harnessing a solid future for you, your community and the world around you.

Video & Audio Training With Richie Onori

Hey, Richie here! As Executive Director of PFANA I’m here to guide you through the perils of the entertainment business. Having access to this most privy side of making it in the music business, from songwriting, marketing entrepreneurship gives you new opportunities and shortcuts on tackling your passion. PFANA’s creation of new media gives you a ground floor peak & advantage and I welcome newcomer’s contributions in creating our new model.

Video & Audio Training With Our Committee Leaders

  • Wellness: Kathleen Miller’s background in nutrition and natural healing is legendary in moving us into the new paradigm of integrative medicine. Cutting edge technology along with common sense alternatives for mastering one’s health is and should be a priority in everyone’s life. Being confident that your health is protected is job one.
  • Agriculture and New Economy: Andrew Harley, PhD is the leading voice and expert in the field of rejuvenation of land, water and air quality. This new paradigm architects high growth industries on the cutting edge of technology as driving forces of economic growth in the new circular economy.
  • And Much More…

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Get all your questions answered in real time. You'll have the confidence to continue moving forward knowing you have a team of experts with you at every turn.

Beginning to Advanced Courses

You can start with 101 courses to get your feet wet and begin your journey in the world of self improvement and contribution. Once you get the basics down you will soar to incredible heights which will prepare you for the pre-qualified evaluation for the advanced courses at that time. If accepted, this is where you will be prepped towards achieving the highest level of leadership training. Helping yourself and at the same time helping others is the highest level of purpose, contentment, and happiness one can attain.

At PFANA we cover all facets and scope of building a better life and community around you.