Meet Our Board Leaders

PFANA honors inaugural Board members Richie Onori, Kevin Pruett and Tamara Taylor and invites you to meet today's Board of Directors

We share the vision of bringing people back together

Maybe you remember neighborhoods…where the community prospered, staples were abundant enough to help those in need, doors were left unlocked and the streets were safe. The evenings rang with warm conversation of people who were secure and the carefree laughter of children playing tag on the lawn or stickball in the streets. Life was simple but we cherished it and we never had a thought or fear of it being taken away…

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“ The Art in each of us is the very best we are. Letting that come through in my own life is one of the greatest things I have ever done. Let your own art in whatever field you are in, shine through. It is valuable to us all.”

Lynda Cain Hubbard

Lynda Ellen Hubbard

Lynda Ellen Hubbard a.k.a. Lynda Cain Hubbard, Author

Born and raised in Minnesota and Wisconsin, where middle class values are strong, Lynda always wanted to help people. Starting with pencil, her grandmother taught her to draw as a child. By her early teens she was going out to parks to draw portraits for $25 a pop! Always an “A” student, in part due to her mother being a teacher, Lynda’s real passion was in the Arts – anything aesthetic and spiritual. Winning an art scholarship, she studied abroad, traveling all over Europe, through India to her eventual destination – the Himalayas in Nepal. Her art a passport and entre to the world, Lynda did paintings and drawings for people all along the way, among them Gurkha warriors, Tibetans, even Aristocrats in Europe and finally, the honored request of the head Lama’s portrait in Kathmandu. She recounts her adventures in her Amazon published book: “Loving dangerously, Journey to Nepal”.

After meeting and mingling with people of all languages, religions, and circumstances she learned that love, compassion and empathy are the Soul in all of us. Lynda lives by the knowledge that we are all essentially a soul in a body and can be as spiritual as we live a true, honest life with others.
Learning from renowned mentors in the corporate arena, Lynda perfected the application of art to business in public relations and marketing using peerless research, positioning (aka branding) and thorough market analysis. With over 25 years of experience, she has consulted and worked with a wide array of businesses and entrepreneurs ranging from start-ups, well-established SMBs and Fortune 500 companies as well as several notable artists, all happy clients in business and industry. Lynda’s mantra: “There is also an Art to organization.”

Now as Chairman of People for a New America (AKA PFANA) working alongside successful artists such as Richie Onori, well known from “Sweet”, who founded the organization, Lynda has come full circle and is focused on its Mission. As she puts it, “Music attracts others and was created to relieve the effects of time on artistic people.  Artists reach millions of people with their message. Let’s make it a good one!”

What sets Kevin apart is his immense care factor and willingness to help others. His life's work, true passion and greatest love has always been...helping people.

Kevin Pruett

In his 40-year, nonprofit sector career, Kevin consulted more than 25,000 individuals one on one, personally influencing and shaping the lives of many thousands. A significant number were inspired to forward his determination to create a better world by becoming active leaders in their own communities, launching humanitarian start-ups, founding grass-root movements and implementing programs that to this day have improved the lives of tens of thousands. 

Kevin personally raised over $125 million for non-profit entities in support of education, youth drug education, community-wide literacy programs, business success oriented educational programs as well as human rights and other social betterment initiatives and programs. ​It was during this time he met Richie.

Personal motto: “A being is only as valuable as he can serve others.” Humanitarian L Ron Hubbard

Darlene is a Professional Speaker, Ordained Minister, Fierce Health Warrior, Visionary Coach, Amazon Explorer, Wealth Strategist, Prepper, Affiliate Queen, and Professional Muse.

Darlene de la Plata

Darlene “The Herbmom” de la Plata has been restoring hope since 1987 by helping clients co-create positive action plans for health and prosperity through Abundant Health & Wealth Services International Ministries, where financial fitness and optimal well-being are inevitable. This ministry bridges the gap between religion and metaphysics and explores the unconscious roots of dis-ease and lack.

Growing food, wildcrafting medicine, creating art, collecting books, and adopting cats are a few of her passions, but her greatest joy is her family. She is a proud YaYa to her grandchildren who inspire her to be more magical every day and to heal humanity one kindred photon at a time.

Over the years Sydney has Produced Film, Music, and Broadcast Television with Legends of the Business. But his selfless work in support of the blind and deaf, homeless veterans and innovative youth-empowerment educational programs demonstrate his exemplary character and set him apart. He is a treasured asset to the PFANA Board.

Sydney Colston

Sydney Colston started in the Entertainment Business over 20 years ago acting on a Feature Film. After a taste in the Business Sydney became a Series Regular on a Network Television Show “Battle Dome 1999-2001”, Starring/Co-Starring on several Television Shows & Films throughout his career also appearing as a Principal Actor in over 80 National Commercials. With the drive to expand his experiences and knowledge of the entertainment business he wanted to become a Videographer. In 2012 Sydney worked as the Videographer on a film, “20 FEET FROM STARDOM” (2014 Academy Award Winning Best Documentary Film). A “Grammy” in 2015 (Winning for Best Music Film).

Sydney is an Academy Award Winning Cameraman/Videographer, former top tier Celebrity Manager, Representing “Susaye Greene” the Last Member of The Supremes, Charlo Crossley of the Harlettes, and several Jazz and R&B Musical Legends and World Olympian, 1984 Gold Medalist Triple Long Jump Al Joyner. Sydney also Represents Actors/Actresses, Magicians and Social Media Influencers.

In 2015 Sydney was the Feature Film Soundtrack Producer on “Heroes Of Dirt” Sydney is helping with new causes related film distribution platform, VetFlicks. ( VetFlicks is an innovative ecosystem of distribution platforms focused on bringing content of exceptional quality made to honor the global veteran experience to market, both theatrically and digitally.

Sydney is also involved in the emerging platform of “Universally Accessible Media” which is championing content accessible to the blind, deaf and hard of hearing. “Cooking Styles Of The Rich & Famous” is a Philanthropic Cooking Television show that gives back to the Homeless Veterans. No one on the show is paid. The profits from the show go the work with Homeless Veterans associated with ilovesosorg.

Sydney is looking forward to the future of the Entertainment Business. Sharing Positive New Media, where Education, Entertainment, Peace and Love can be shared and YOU can “Be The Change”!