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Our History

In 2019, PFANA was born. Over the past three decades, we have grown from a handful of advocates into a force of thousands of people. PFANA remains dedicated to the community values, objectives, and common ground that we were founded on. Our group’s focus is to achieve its goals by initiating effective “Calls to Action” which bring the community together as the group’s primary tenet and premise of the organization.

PFANA Committee Structure

​​​​​​PFANA’s complex structure of Governing Board Committees, Subcommittees, Task Forces, and Caucuses ensures that the tremendous amount of work we accomplish is truly grassroots and consumer controlled. We welcome PFANA members to become involved in the national New Freedom Movement by joining a group that is currently seeking members.
PFANA’s spectrum of reach is broad and will initially focus on creating an idyllic model for our local economies which includes educational methods covering the gamut from living and learning, music and arts, new media, land regeneration and agricultural development, community micro grid energy solutions, innovative water technologies, health care and wellness centers to many more game changing prototypes.

The Committees

Join a Group

Most PFANA committees, subcommittees, caucuses, and task forces (henceforth “committees”) have monthly calls, although some meet more frequently. PFANA Committees communicate via email, phone and virtual platforms to interact and work on tasks between formal meetings. The required time commitment varies by committee. To learn about or join a PFANA committee apply by filling out the form here.
Accommodations are available to committee members by request. Please contact the PFANA team to request an accommodation.

President's Task Forces

The CARES Act Task Force

Chaired by Sherry Watson

In March, 2020 the U.S. federal government signed into law a $2 trillion relief act aimed at providing relief to individuals, businesses, and government organizations. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was intended to hold fast our communities in time of need. Where did these funds go and how do the unfinanced proceed?

The Electronic Visit Verification Task Force

Chaired by Kevin Pruett

When legislation is written and proposed by uninvolved, inexperienced beaurocrats with literally NO real-life involvement in the arena they are trying to conscript legislation for what will be the outcome? Answer obvious - INJUSTICE. This committee is intended to protect rights and stigmatizing the disabled.

The Opiods Task Force

Chaired by Stevie Stewart

Opiod addicts are a rapidly growing segment of our drug addicted population. The Opiod Task Force educates on the perils of opiod addiction, isolates the primary paths to addiction and advocates measures to prevent further increase as well as resources to help the afflicted break free...
To apply for joining a task force fill out and submit the form HERE

Real Estate Gifting

Charitable Giving of Real Estate – As part of our diversified funding plan, we accept and/or facilitate gifts of Real Estate. Our organization collaborates with a nationally recognized expert who assists in the education of community members and organizations in answering their questions related to the planned gifting of Real Estate. Donations can be anywhere in the world, and they can include commercial properties, residential properties or land.

(Please consult your own financial professional to determine how any charitable donation will benefit you.)