To CREATE a new America by and for “We the People” ​STARTING at the COMMUNITY LEVEL.

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Where Visionary Leaders for Social Betterment Come Together…

The Moment of Truth has Arrived...Open Now!!!


Be prepared to learn by real time practical applications that get immediate results in the sector you wish to engage in via our committees. Setting up satellite offices across the country or working from the inside out in your community will be your choice. PFANA is the hub and you will be part of a new revolutionary model where you can expand as you learn in the fields of your choice below:

  • Music, Arts and New Media: Develops innovative platforms that bring forth positive messaging through all forms of media.
  • Legislative and Advocacy: Undertakes activities that empower “We the People” in developing communities at the local level.
  • Wellness: Monitors and advocates on healthcare, enhances integrative medicine & long term care issues.
  • New Technology: Constant innovation, where ideas flow out and where entrepreneurs drive and move us ahead.
  • Agriculture: Develops key pillars for industrial growth by building circular economies.
  • New Economy: Architects high growth industries on the cutting edge of technology as driving forces of economic growth.
  • Youth Empowerment: Dedicates programs that cultivate and enrich the minds of our youth to arm them with knowledge and understanding of the world.

Here's What We Do...

We UNIFY Nonprofit professionals and community members in generating attention and raising awareness for important causes.  PFANA is a unique platform your family and your community..

We teach For-Profit companies (i.e. Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and self-employed professionals), how to bolster profit by implementing our systems. We coach and teach the know-how to attract attention and build communities centered on customer loyalty around their brands. They use our creative strategies to grow their business (hint: it involves working with Nonprofit Corporations).

It’s our model for monetizing Nonprofit Corporations and building great company brands, it’s why so much of our business is built on the combination of Nonprofit and For-Profit partnerships! There’s no better way to bring meaningful change than joining together successful, passion-filled people dedicated to making the world a better place while sharing strategies, and capitalizing on financial opportunities!

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Charitable Giving of Real Estate – As part of our diversified funding plan, we accept and/or facilitate gifts of Real Estate. Our organization collaborates with a nationally recognized expert who assists in the education of community members and organizations in answering their questions related to the planned gifting of Real Estate. Donations can be anywhere in the world, and they can include commercial properties, residential properties or land.

(Please consult your own financial professional to determine how any charitable donation will benefit you)

We Rise

Rally and anthem songs from Richie Onori in support of PFANA. The Soundtrack for Positive Change!

100% of the album net proceeds from the sale of "We Rise" will help fund one cause at a time.

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