PFANA Mission Statement

To provide educational and advocacy services that create jobs and economic opportunity for underserved individuals and communities and foster cultural awareness, community collaboration and educate on the benefits of leadership and training.

PFANA rallies local communities to develop realistic, workable innovations that strategically bolster local commerce and economy. We accomplish it through effective, proven methods:

  • Providing educational and advocacy services.
  • Providing services that create jobs and economic opportunity for individuals and communities.
  • Establishing programs that foster cultural awareness and community collaboration.
  • Educating the community on benefits and availability of leadership and training.
  • Building community-centered networks that involve, align and unite local vendors, suppliers, small businesses operators and lower city and county governing officers to common, community benefitting purposes.

The group’s primary purpose is to spread awareness in several key areas. The awareness spread in these areas is spearheaded through education, the arts and new media. Our group is aligned with a wide international network of the other major social betterment groups with similar purposes, who are also participating in this monumental undertaking.

A major precept of the organization is simple: Connect and engage with like minded entrepreneurs, business leaders, city & state legislators, and common citizens alike whom align with PFANA’s aims, purposes and goals. PFANA’s strategic positioning encourages the development of relationships in order to bring about a complete paradigm shift towards creating a new America 2.0 from the bottom up.

One of PFANA’s main objectives is to rally local communities in developing collective innovations to bolster local economic strategies. With the strength of our country’s constitution adhered to and with the power of each citizen’s individualistic efforts, imaginations and fortitude the possibilities are never-ending.

PFANA is developing Resource Centers for local communities with cutting edge technologies such as: structuring local activities to increasing community revitalization and resiliency, facilitating community regenerative visions and strategies, recruiting public private partnerships to support vision and strategy and maintaining a road map that supports the circular economy.

Real Estate Gifting

Charitable Giving of Real Estate – As part of our diversified funding plan, we accept and/or facilitate gifts of Real Estate. Our organization collaborates with a nationally recognized expert who assists in the education of community members and organizations in answering their questions related to the planned gifting of Real Estate. Donations can be anywhere in the world, and they can include commercial properties, residential properties or land.

(Please consult your own financial professional to determine how any charitable donation will benefit you.)

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